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Film Director

Georgios Dimitropoulos

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Georgios is a multi award winning film maker, producer, academic, innovation incubator & ethical technologist. Founded and incubated several companies in the creative industries and broadcast media. Traveled & worked in 50+ countries for various projects & ventures involving third sector NGOs, NPOs, CBOs, public and private sector organisations. Consulting businesses & governments in the last 20 years with their organisational performance effectiveness & growth acceleration via transformational leadership coaching, crisis management training & specialist media training. Georgios is the Head of the Media Suite Innovation Lab. at Swansea University. He is a strategic adviser to  regional creative consortiums and engagement projects. He is the founder and leader of  Not-For-Profit Community Projects for the sustainable promotion of rural areas through the power of arts and culture. Georgios is leading a team of volunteers promoting the culture, history and arts of regions of outstanding natural beauty. He has directed and produced a series of documentaries and cinematic pieces supporting AONBs.  Enjoying hiking, adventure cinematography & outdoor activities. Donating his time contributing to regional engagement projects and leading not-for-profit community initiatives by promoting media literacy and the use of ethical technologies for  the arts, culture, nature conservation, and sustainable use of biodiversity, which he promotes through his filmmaking. Received 32 International Awards from various Film Festivals worldwide. Georgios has served as Creative and Art Director with Film Festivals and Creative Consortiums such as the Wales International Film Festival and he enjoys meeting and working together with similar minded creatives like Sabine and Pierre through the international film festival circle. Georgios is the director, producer, writer, cinematographer and DOP of Les Notes.

Assistant Director

Nadia Evans Cook

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Nadia Evans is a Film Maker, Cinematographer, DOP and Editor known for her work on Song of Temptress (2014), By Any Name (2017) and Viking: The Berserkers (2014), Viking: The Berserkers (2014), Gwyr: Reflections (2019), Gwyr : Eiliad (2019), No Dominion (2019). Nadia is the assistant director, cinematographer and edittor of Les Notes.


Sabine Crossen

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Sabine Crossen is an award winning actress and director with multiple nationalities.  She was born in the USA to a French mother and grew up in New Zealand. Her first role in a feature film was an elf in LOTR and since then she has acted in projects like Fantastic Beasts, The Love Punch, Hitman, Survivor, Obsessions Dark Desires, Rosemary's Baby, S.H.C.I.A.W, Motherland, The Manners. In 2015 she directed her first short film Love is Blind, with Mindfulness Films, which has screened in over 30 festivals winning 20 awards. As well as acting Sabine loves to travel. Resurrection, her 2nd short film completed in early 2019, has 36 selections, 16 awards and 8 nominations and is still on the festival circuit. It was thanks to Resurrection’s selection (and winner of Best Foreign Film) at the Wales Int. Film Festival that she met Georgios Dimitropoulos and started to work with him. For her role in the film Mon Poussin by Jérémie Seguin (Sweetheart) in 2018 she received 3 awards for her interpretation of the mother. And in 2019 a nomination for the Oniros best actress of the year. Beside her love of cinema Sabine adores wine and has a rosé cuvee from the Lou Belvestit domain in her name. She directed The Wick in 2018 and O Wimbowé in 2020. In February 2020 Sabine flew with co-star Pierre Azéma to Venise to shoot with Georgios Dimitropoulos for a second time. Les Notes is a tale of love and love lost coming out in 2020.


Pierre Azema


Pierre is a French actor working between Paris & London. In 2014 he won the best actor award out of 1600 shows at the famous French Festival d’Avignon. Currently on stage in "Fausse Note" written and directed by Didier Caron in Paris at the Contr’escarpe theatre, Pierre will be in cinemas in 2020 in the comedy "Operation Portugal" by Franck Cimier alongside D'Jal as well as in "The Pink Thief", a feature film by Mustafa Ozgun. We can see him on Netflix in season 3 of The Crown and as the main guest (Harald) in season 3 of Olivier de Plas's ‘IQ’. He recently acted in the TV series "Alex Hugo" directed by Pierre Isoar and as a recurring guest in short formats like “Scenes de Ménages” or ‘Central Police Station’ (M6) on prime time slots. Emile Salimov, a director who graduated from MGIK Moscow, trained Pierre who has ever since put research and the creation of characters as the centre of his attention to create amazing characters. He has worked under the direction of directors; Didier Caron, Pascal Faber, Virgil Tanase, Emile Salimov, Jean Claude Cotillard, Julien Boisselier, Nicolas Bedos, Antoine Bourseiller, Guy Grimberg or Stéphane Battle. Pierre has acted in plays written by authors such as Rampal, Harms, Bulgakhov, Gogol, Musset, Barry, Juillet & Drigeard, Tchekhov, Dumas, Renoir, Saint-Exupery, Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt, Link & Levinson and Molière. Throughout his career, Pierre has alternated acting on stage and starring in feature films or on TV as well as choosing to work on short films from talented young directors. “Les notes” is the second short film he has worked on with Georgios Dimitropoulos as director and with Sabine Crossen as his co-star. 

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